With work returning in to the industry, a lot of us are finding ourselves sitting on an airplane yet again for what seems like days at a time.  Some can sleep through this part of the job, others (like myself) must find ways to occupy our time.  In some cases I have had conversations with the person I’m sitting next to and it gets me through the hours in the air.  (side note:  NEVER tell your airplane neighbor that you are a photographer unless you want to talk about it!  I usually answer the “what do you do” question with the end all answer…. “I am an accountant.”)

With that said, what do you do when you’re alone on the flight, or wish not to engage in the forced conversation due to proximity?  Before last week I was indifferent on this as I carry enough flight time entertainment to start a small sports bar.  Said travel accessories include a Nintendo DS Lite, Ipod Touch, and Game Boy micro (for when the DS is just too big).  Also, I am dyslexic, so books are out of the picture.  Often a combination of the Harry Potter audio book and sudoku on my DS seem to fit the bill, however on more scenic flights John Mayer’s “Continuum” is all that’s needed for me to mentally get away from the task at hand.

Fast forward to last Friday and the release of the Sony PSP Go along with the release of Gran Turismo for the PSP….  In the past I have had PSP’s for flights, but have ditched them due to size and having to carry around the extra cartridges as well as the system.  However, with the PSP Go this all has changed as I can fit the collapsible PSP Go in my pocket and there are no game cartridges needed, as they are all stored internally.  Also, along with playing games, it acts as a portable media device, playing games and music, not to mention it can surf the web and be used to Skype (although I have yet to try this feature).  With enough battery power to get me from AZ to NY it is looking to be a workhorse for the times when I am not working (but this is not to say my Ipod will be left home, as there is something about it that I can’t let go).

Along with the PSP Go, Sony has released Gran Turismo for the PSP.  I believe I spent more time playing GT for the Playstation than I did hanging out with friends in high school.  I am sad to say that the hours spending playing the games of this franchise are close to the thousands, and yes, I had / have no life. I used to dream of the idea of a portable version, but never did I expect to see it so soon.  With the release of GT’s portable offspring, I have found myself looking forward to getting on flights where my phone must remain turned off and my email is unavailable.

So here’s to traveling…