As the title says, it’s Monday….  To say my head is cloudy is an understatement, and I have to be on set in less than an hour.  Looks like today I’ll be photographing with Starbucks as an assistant.

This week I am hoping to touch on a couple lighting tricks that I found over the last few photoshoots and perhaps speak my mind on the new Leica M9….. this all of course takes in to account that I get some sleep.

So with that, here is a pic that I randomly chose for today.  It is from the photoshoot where I decided to lay down behind a camera and photograph rattlesnakes in front of it.  If you’re looking for anything about this that seems like a good idea, look on.


And yes, as previously mentioned, things did go wrong, the snake got loose, yadda yadda……. It is Monday