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Thunderbirds F16

Flying with the Thunderbirds

To all those who have ever wondered.... what is it like waking up in the morning, knowing you are going to fly with the Thunderbirds? It is SCARY AS HELL!

Phoenix Commercial Photographer

The Art of Moving Forward

The tracks begin to ring. I listen closely with the engine roaring louder and louder as each second passes and ready my camera…my finger resting steady on the shutter. The forest; the leaves; the…


The relationship of a boy and his dog is special, and is one that has gotten me through so many of the difficulties that life can throw at you. Unfortunately, last October found me saying goodbye to…

Phoenix Commercial Photographer

Split Color Portrait Lighting

Being a Phoenix Commercial Photographer has its ups and downs. The main downside is that the winter is crazy busy and by the time you want to write a blog, you are in the summer when everyone is on…

Freight Train

Canon 1D : 20 Years Later

It was my first year in college. I was going out everyday to teach myself photography, Harry Potter had just come out in theaters (although I wouldn’t see it for a few more years) and Canon entered…

Sunglass Campaign photographed by Advertising Photographer Blair Bunting in Phoenix, AZ.

Sunglasses for Photographers

In ways much like the chicken and the egg, it is tough to distinguish which came first, my love of photography, or my obsession with optics.  As a young kid, I would go to the local sunglasses stores…