Ferrari 250 photographed by Blair Bunting
Top Gun Maverick
SR 71 Blackbird
Thunderbirds F16
Nikkor 50mm 1.2
Los Angeles Advertising Photographer
Celebrity Portrait Photographer
2018 Addy Gold Winner
SR 71 Blackbird
Curtis Grandson sports photographer Blair Bunting
Phoenix Commercial Photographer
Deadliest Catch Advertising Photography
Corvette Photoshoot
Thunderbirds F16

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Sandra Day O’Connor

Photographing Sandra Day O’Connor was unlike any other photo shoot I have ever done before or since. It began with a phone call from The New York Times, asking me to meet Justice O’Connor at her…

Photographing Football of the Future

Football, oh, football. It's a sport I thoroughly enjoy photographing, yet I could never imagine myself playing it. If you were with me on set, you would quickly discern, by the way I instinctively…

Photoshoot at the Edge of Space : The Flight

Part III: The Flight I woke up at 4 AM, having gone to bed at 8 PM the night prior, and with the excitement of what was ahead, there was no way I was going to get back to sleep. I knew that…

Photoshoot at the Edge of Space : The Preparation

Part II: Preparing for Takeoff The flight to the edge of space was just days away. The grandiosity and magnitude of it all were becoming more potent by the day, and I could hardly believe what I…

Photoshoot at the Edge of Space : The Beginning

Part I: How it all began... I was sitting at the end of a long runway on a secluded military base, preparing for what would soon be the wildest ride of my life. Going to the edge of space was an…

Mercedes C1000

The Mercedes C1000

Some cars exist in myths and legends. They can be so rare that even a car enthusiast might only see them by the good graces of another. The Mercedes C1000 exemplifies this. A nearly 270-mile-an-hour…