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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Every so often a photoshoot comes along that both excites you and terrifies you at the same time, and today’s article is about one such instance.  When I was in college, and more specifically in…

Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez

I am writing this after getting a swathe of texts from friends and family who have been watching the Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez on Netflix and saw the image in the second episode of…

Freight Train scouted by iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Pro: My Return to Apple

Before I going into this one, let me first lay a little groundwork for the background I have with Apple. A number of years back, I was in love with the iPhone 4S. I felt it was a phone made for…

Fitness Advertising Campaign

A Brighter Fitness Campaign

We have seen it all too often. The gym photoshoot where the athletes are sweating beyond belief in a dark scary environment with blue colored lights beating down through chalk dust in the air. It's…

Work: A Study in Motion

A couple years ago I created a piece of work that was a photographic study in the motion of sports. It featured athletes from a number of different sports going through the motions they do on the…

Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun

UPDATE: Last Thursday I received text messages from seven different people, all with the same video... the new Top Gun trailer. I felt it was appropriate to bring this article and photoshoot back as…