With today’s announcement it becomes apparent that Nikon is aware of it’s market, and for that, we are grateful.  Too many times we have seen camera companies claim progress of a certain body line because said line now has “more megapixels!”  Now yes, this marketing point of more resolution often works (even to the best of us), but often leads to far less true quality in the produced file.  Sadly this concept has driven industry demand and I have often been asked if the camera I was using had enough resolution for my liking.  When it comes down to it, MP’s are only as good as the data they carry.

That is why Nikon’s announcement makes sense to the pros.  Not more resolution than the original D3, but more file density, better s/n ratio, better latitude, a better file.  At the end of the day all shooters want is a simple camera that can produce great files.

Today, we got that.

Thank you Nikon.