Some photos require more work than others, and it can be for many reasons that they do.  Some days the subject has a box jaw and any 45 degree lighting setup is shot, others the power is not enough to manage the ambient, and some days you’re just plain sick.  My photoshoot with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander was the latter.

Flying back to Florida for another photo, I was happy to be familiar with my surroundings and hotel. However, since photographing Curtis Granderson, I had acquired a little bit of a cold.  With my schedule being as tight as it was, I found the only way to do the photo was to fly in, and photograph the next morning, and fly out.  However, with flights the way they were, I got in just before midnight and immediately headed to the hotel with hope of going to sleep.  Unfortunately as the saying goes, there is no rest for the weary, and with a call time of 6am (3am on my time zone) I was in rough shape.  Rougher shape once you consider that my cold left me with less than 2 hours sleep, and physically sick on the way to the photoshoot.

Bad and depressing things aside, I was fortunate to be photographing Justin Verlander that day, as they don’t get much easier going than him.  He was a casual guy that seemed interested in the photographs and often hung around set just to chat.  The ads that we were photographing called for a white background, but a Florida sunrise was upon us, so when were had wrapped all the required photos, we literally dropped the background and photographed a couple with the sky being a part of the image.

Like the Curtis Granderson blog, there will be a follow up post with some behind the scenes photos.  In the meantime follow me on Twitter or Facebook…. heck follow me on both if you’re real bored, and as always, have a great week.