Just in case you haven’t gotten bored of all the blog posts about photographing baseball players, here is one more and a promise that I will write about something else next time. Like the others, I traveled on a rushed schedule to photograph Cliff Lee of the Philadelphia Phillies for an ad campaign.  On set he is a very quite and reserved man, but also knows that this is a business.  Some people chat a lot, and then freeze up when the camera comes out, but for him, he took directions very well and things could not have gone smoother.  We wrapped set in less than an hour and took home 12 unique images that will see their way to billboards and magazines advertising Phiten necklaces and bracelets.


As always, please feel free to add me on Twitter and Facebook.  I try my hardest to answer questions about life, work and this thing we call photography (mostly on Twitter), so do hesitate to ask.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, there have been a lot of the same type of posts for quite a while, and I know some people want to hear about stuff other than where or who I’m photographing during a given week.  Over the next couple weeks, I figured I would be random with the topics, from wine to watches, and many other of my favorite things on Earth, so I hope you enjoy it.