Life is one lived not on it’s own but in the reflection of another.  As easily forgotten is this as it is to forget that we photograph not the light, but it’s reflection on our subject.

Over the past year and a half I have had the good fortune to have had Tim Mitchell as my agent in this industry.  A good man, and a good name in the industry, I have respected the time that we worked together.  However, time has come to part ways and move on.  Many trends and creatives often speak to an agent being the middleman between work and true art.  I don’t know if I ever felt this way as I found the field to be one of management that could make sure that my mind was clear on set.

Nonetheless, time begs of change and art dictates of style that is only a result of its ingredients.  For the reason of progression in my career, stubbornness against comfort was needed and a parting was in order.

Tim, thank you for your time,wisdom and help along the way.

To other agents that might read this, please understand that I am not currently seeking representation, but will be going it alone for now.