First, my apologies for the lackluster title.  I wanted something catchy and unique, and wound up with that…

As part of the Phiten 2011 baseball campaign, I traveled to Florida a number of times to photograph players from different teams.  The photoshoot was very straight forward, so we decided that we would use the lights to make it more interesting, so a 9 light setup was drawn out (on a napkin), and setup in the NY Yankees Spring Training facility.  Knowing that time would be limited with Granderson, we preshot the stand in no less than 5 times to dial in gels.  We were photographing alongside a commercial production for Phiten and so keeping things quick was essential.  At the beginning of the day we were told we would have 15 minutes, in the middle of the day told 10, and we ended up shooting for 4.  Nonetheless, the 4 minutes produced 18 final images selected by the client, not to mention a grateful commercial crew that got caught up 10 minutes.

A note a Granderson…  If you are a photographer, and ever get an opportunity to photograph him, do it.  He is as classy as they get and an all around good person.  He is actually quite interested in photography and asked if he could see some of the pics later that evening, not a very common request among athletes.  So enjoy some pics, they will also be on the main site soon.  Also, check back for an update to this post as I will throw on some behind the scenes and lighting setup photos in a few hours.

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