When Maurice Lacroix asked me to captain their Movember team I was esthetic, after all they make the watch I would wear if I could only wear one. However, they then told me that as a part of their Movember team they were going to give away a watch to the person that raised the most money on my team… suddenly I realized that as team captain I am excluded. ….. But it’s for a good cause, right?

So here is the watch in all her glory:


It is a Maurice Lacroix Pontos S in orange and special editioned with the Movember logo and limited number on the side (our’s is 7 of 11). I could go on and on about how many moving parts it has inside and what functions it has, but just look at this thing…. damn sexy.

Also should be noted that I am holding the watch for the month of Movember to give to the winner, so if there is a photo or two of me wearing it, I know nothing about it (but I do promise to clean the saliva from it before delivery).

Ok, so how do you make this one yours?… Go to Movember Mo’Rice Lacroix US and sign up. Raise the most money and it’s yours (currently the highest person is $200).