First of all, Happy Halloween! Go out and have a good ole time dressed as a naughty nurse, naughty secretary, naughty doctor, naughty librarian, naughty paleoclimatologist, naughty executive assistant, yadda yadda yadda (a naughty yadda that is). But be safe.

For those who have not joined my Movember team, GET ON IT ALREADY!  For those already on my team and growing the mo, tomorrow is Shave the Date, so get your best razor out and start clean. Also, it would be a good idea to take your significant other on a date before than mustache gets too big and she starts recommending that you cook at home a little more often.

A random blog? Yes.

Matt Forte

So periodically I get photos of my work on display that friends send over, and for that I am grateful. The most recent one comes from a photoshoot I did with Chicago Bears player Matt Forte. Perhaps the easiest going guy on set ever. We photographed him in New York at Milk Studios during a day that saw multiple athletes in and out of the studio. What made Matt so cool was that he was the first athlete of the day and one of the last to leave. He was so easy going that he just hung out with the crew and friends on set and was very much one of us. No ego, just a cool humble guy with the world’s coolest iPhone case.

One moment of humor, from the shoot stands out more than anything else. As is customary for athletes, I put on the Pandora station “Rap Strength Training” while we do the active portion of the shoot. With Matt we were shooting a continuos series of running shots (like the one seen here and on my site). Suddenly he stops and looks at me. I asked if everything was alright and he points to the speaker and says, “wait for it….”. A couple seconds later the song playing has the line, “Matt Forte got the bitch running back”… Everyone from the crew, clients, and friends just lost it… it turned the set into a damn near party and was almost ten minutes until we resumed shooting.

In the meantime, head to the website to see the shot and go sign up for my Movember team already…