So many people have asked what camera I use and what photos were photographed with what cameras.  All valid questions, but equally as true is the notion that one’s eye will truly express itself through whatever body and glass lies before it.  The one thing that holds true in my situation is that no camera will ever replace the the 1972 Nikon F’s place in my heart.  It was my first camera, and before that, my father’s camera that he gave me along with a 50 1.4 Nikkor.  The images I created with that camera will probably never reach the eyes of most of my viewers, but the freedom of creativity it taught my will.  For fun I decided to create a time line of my cameras as I have owned them.  I have linked the names of the bodies not to their website, but to random sites that I feel are appropriate for the bodies, so please enjoy…..

Nikon F –   Canon A2E –   Canon D30 –   Canon D60 –   Canon 1D –   Canon 1D mk2 –   Canon 1Ds mk2 –   Canon 1D mk3 –   Canon 1Ds mk2 –   Canon 5d –   P30 on 645 AFD –   P30+ on RZ67 ProII D –   Canon 1Ds mk3 –   Leica M8 –   Nikon D3 –   Canon 5D mk2 –   Nikon D3 –   Nikon D3x