Not the most common question I get, but one I will poster for the sake of contributing a blog this week.  “Where does one who travels a lot for work go for vacation?”  Sadly the answer is, “to my spot on the couch.”  Said spot happens to be the left cushion next to the coffee table where I can reach the iPad, but not so close to the door as to incur the duties of answering it to the occasional guest.  Also, I have found that as much as I love the right lounge cushion, I don’t like angling my head to the left to view the TV, and yes, my wife refers to me as “Sheldon” all too often.

Though I can’t read for an extended period of time (I’m dyslexic), I do enjoy diving into some internet articles and watching documentaries. This week’s reading has been on Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity (yeah, I said it, the Special one from 1905, not the rehashed “General” one that accounts for acceleration because I am always moving at light speed, ha).  I know that it doesn’t seem like the theoretical physics theorem that photographers like myself flock to, but I had to break the mold.

I haz no life (a shout out to the lolcats)

So on to a little bit of relevancy (no pun intended, or as the fancy folk call them, paronmasia).  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be blogging about random things in life, and most likely any pictures contributed will be photographed from my cell phones (yes, plural… remember, tech geek).  However, if you remember past articles, you will remember my sneaking suspicion that cell phones are replacing the spot in the sub-cockles of our heart reserved for point & shoot cameras. Ipso facto, this blog will either get really boring over the next few weeks (presupposing it does, I would unsubscribe immediately), ore (shout out to my mining friends) it might get pretty damn interesting.  If current state of nominal mental engagement is telling, I leave you with this…