As all photographers know, a business is not complete unless it has a mascot.  The Phoenix Suns have the Gorilla, the University of Illinois has had Chief Illiniwek, Strobist has the Hobbit.  So… during some intense brainstorming last weekend (aka glasses of wine) I discovered what has been missing in my business, a mascot.

With that in mind I got in touch with my good friend Ryan and told him I needed a mascot that represented me and my vision.  This mascot must be fierce and determined, yet still posses the social prowess of the modernly savvy.  Said mascot must also have intellect both scholarly and culturally, a true worldly mascot. So with those parameters in mind Ryan went to the drawing boards and create a masterpiece.

So without ado, I present to you the Blair Bunting Photography mascot.  A penguin with an electric hair razor on a rocket powered machete with a banner saying, “Get Some!”