With the All Star game freshly in our past, I wanted to take this opportunity to post about another photograph with another baseball player.  By this time the average reader of my blog has probably zoned out and just looked at the pictures, and for that I commend them.  Today’s player is Boston Red Sox pitcher, and fellow Panerai collector, Josh Beckett.

The photoshoot was as smooth as they go.  All this thanks to my assistants, Tim and Mike, who made my life and job easy.  In just 3 photoshoots they have learned how I operate to a point that I believe they are reading my mind.  This could be the first photoshoot that I have done this year where I actually had the lens cap off before I went to pull focus (interesting how much that slips my mind).

When Josh got to set he was a little reserved until he found out how little I knew about baseball and that I’d rather talk watches or food, or frankly anything but baseball. Which brings me to today’s lesson…. Knowing stats, accomplishments, etc. about the subject you are photographing is important, but should never come out on set.  At the end of the day they are people that have jobs that do not fall in the category of “norm.”  However, their (celebs & athletes) lives are often more complex than their roll in society. What I do find funny is that I often get asked by athletes what some movie stars or musicians are like, while the musicians and actors often ask what the athletes are like on set.