I have decided to break with tradition and am posting a blog on Monday this week, given the situation that Japan is in, I figured some words were due.

This weekend went well, great photos, beautiful weather, good wine.  However, none without the thought of the struggles of many after the disaster that hit days ago.  My heart breaks for those that have seen families and friends lost, and I fear that it is not over.  Each news report bleaker than the previous one, and all focus on the number.

So with that said, my advice is to give to the Red Cross, and pray.  Obsessing with the news will bring only more terror to your life from this situation, and right now reflection and gratefulness for what we are fortunate to have should be held higher than the knowledge of what others have lost.

In time we will put something together to help, whether we do some prints for donations, or fly out to Japan to photograph portraits is still unknown.  What we do know is that there will be a great need in the future, and it is our responsibility to answer that call.

Live with gratitude for what you have, and compassion for what others do not.