Well you know that things are changing at BlairBunting.com.  The new site is already done and being implemented as we speak, and the blog will be updated in short order after that.  There will be hoopla to follow and I will formally announce it in due time, but in the meanwhile it can be our little secret.  Like that small bush that got painted in the corner of some of Bob Ross’s paintings, it is just for you and I to know 😉

On a complete side note:  I have seen little sleep lately due to working on the site, and then working on a couple campaigns we are producing, then working on the site again.  In the middle of the night I had a realization.  So many people ask me, “who would you most like to photograph?”  A very valid question indeed.  The answers usually rotate between Morgan Freeman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Michael Schumacher.  But I also have a drive to photograph heroes, like those at the Japanese nuclear plant, who are trying to save many lives at the probable cost of their own.  It hit me, sometimes the people most deserving of a photograph, can’t be photographed, but for them I am thankful.