With a couple days off, I decided to go through everything from emails to internet forums (not matter how large or small) to see what people were saying about my work, my website, anything that qualified in the search term “Blair Bunting”.

Firstly, thank you, for many were kind and for that I am grateful.  There were those that claimed to know me that posted some off the wall, at times comical, stories of revolving around me.  However, the most prevalent comment was…..  “Blair’s work is great, but his website is anything but…”

Message received…..

So, with much excitement I am glad to announce that all will change in the coming weeks……  a quicker loading, with larger images, with quicker loading, that’s iPad friendly, and quicker loading, with a new blog, and quicker loading site will be revealed.

In the meantime, hang in there and have a great weekend