I have found myself getting a little tired of blogging about… well… myself, so today you get a break from that.  Instead I figured I would give some recognition where it is deserved, to my friend Ben Horne.

We met at a mutual friend’s website (fredmiranda.com) back in 2001, and he is responsible for most of the money I have dumped into camera equipment over the years.  Ironically, being the tech geek that he is, Ben is one of the last of a dieing breed, for he still uses film.  Not only does he use film, but he uses large format film, the big slides that I saw somewhere in an art history class.  Nonetheless, he is a guy that will go drive for hours into the middle of nowhere, setup a huge tripod to hold his monstrosity of a camera, dial in exposure after checking meters and doing film equations, and then go to sleep for hours on the ground next to the camera so that he can wake up at the perfect time and photograph ONE (as in ONE) photo then drive for hours out of the desert to the next photo.

What’s ironic about this all is that he, Fred and I used to go spend hours walking around the San Diego Wild Animal Park photographing and chatting, and I often poked fun at him for photographing too many pics and not just sitting back and enjoying the view.  Perhaps he has overcompensated….

So if you like purist landscape photos, have a look at BenHorne.com, and read his blog…. you will be impressed.