So my affinity for video games should be quite obvious to those that follow me on Twitter, for those that don’t, let’s say that I like video games… a lot.  If you look at my schedule you will see what campaigns I have to shoot, vacation dates, my wife’s birthday, and the release dates of the games I am picking up.  I don’t know if it was classifiably an addiction until GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64, but suffice to say that I am in need of a video game 12 step program now.

On Tuesday I stood outside the store to pickup Forza 4 in the early morning so that I could play an hour of it before I had to be on set.  The game is one of many racing games along the way that I have anticipated, beginning with the very first Gran Turismo.  As I have a history with making driving errors in very fast cars, I find that the video game outlet is the safest, and cheapest outlet for my driving stupidity.  If you are actually reading this blog for my take on the game, let’s say that it doesn’t disappoint.  Being fortunate enough to drive many of the game’s cars in real life, I can say that it is at this point scary how close they are to reality.  With the volume any higher than mute, my dog will leave the house whenever I drive a Ferrari (or any other high revving Italian engine for that matter).  Also, with hundreds of hours of races, you can be sure that any significant other will also leave the house leaving you at home and alone….. the life of any gamer.

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