I have just woken up, it is the morning after the passing of Steve Jobs, and it still has that feel of surreal.  Between Twitter, Facebook and the news, the impact and retrospect of one of our times visionaries was profound.  However, I believe much more is in store for remembering his legacy.

Steve Jobs created a company that prided itself on creativity and simplicity. A rank perhaps of super creator is in order as he created the machines that all artists create on. You can ask any photographer what camera we shoot with or what lights we use, but you need not ask what computer we use, because we all use Apple.  Some of us chose Apple for their design, some for their software, and some just because they work.  In a world of tablets, you will only hear a photographer talk about their iPad portfolio, because it is the only one we trust.

I don’t want this to sound like an Apple add, but want you to know what Mr. Jobs did for the creative community.  In a world of technology, he is the man we can thank for access.  In an all too short 56 years, he managed to connect grandparents to their grandchildren, traveling husbands to their wives, and give a mental vacation to photographers stuck at airports around the world.  Time will tell where he belongs in the order of Watson and Edison, but for now we should all be grateful to live in the presence of such a beautiful mind.


Thank you Steve Jobs