While in the middle of the whirlwind that was February, I had one day in town where I could rest my head on my own pillow, rather than the 15 pillows that the hotels put on their beds, non of which are just right, but usually take a combination to equal one of “your” pillows……run on sentence rant over.

The day I was in AZ, I had the good fortune to photograph Gabe Carimi for a Sports Illustrated / McDonald’s advertorial. We chose to photograph at a lumber yard as the piece on Gabe centered around his love for woodworking.  Gabe is one of those people that you want to do well, as his humility and overall demeanor are what kids should model themselves from.  His respect for his parents is so great that he built them a king size bed by hand while in his last year at Wisconsin.  An all around good person…

Best of luck in the draft Gabe!