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In an effort not to start another post off with “sitting in an airplane” I will begin today by saying that I am sitting in a shuttle traveling to my next photoshoot.  This shuttle just happened to hit a rock, or some other debris for that matter, and is hurling over states while the passengers inside seem surprisingly relaxed.  Hoping we land on our wheels, perhaps Florida?

With the way that last month’s photos in Florida went, I am quite excited to be back.  The same great crew returns, sure to make for some sort of tweet of interest.  Speaking of Twitter, I changed my screen name to BLAIR_BUNTING instead of the bdbunting (I mean who really cares that my middle initial is D?).  I wanted my name, but some high school girl has it, let the negotiations begin….. not to mention,  girl Blaires spell their name with an “E”.  I should know this as I was going to be Blair/Blaire depending on my gender.  My parents got so hooked on Blair that they were naming the next kid that name no matter what.  Random, yes, but not as random as this post…

Speaking of random, while sitting on this plane shuttle, we drove by a Southwest plane that had “Free Bags Go Here” with an arrow pointing to the luggage hole.  Very catchy Southwest, I believe my whole side of this flight had a good chuckle at that.

In other news, the site is pretty much complete, and other than additional photos and a new blog being added when I get some time at home, this is how it will look.  As promised, it is faster with bigger images, but damn it was a bit more of an undertaking than expected.

So that is the “Blair’s current life” in a nutshell.  So I’ll leave you with this:  It’s Friday, and if your week was anything like mine, you need a drink, be it Guinness, a martini, or wine for the classy folks.  I encourage you to enjoy one (safely please) or two if you have a driver and aren’t to sloppy when inebriated.  But here is the kicker, if you see someone at the establishment where you choose to consume said alcohol that is alone (no matter their gender), buy them a drink as well.  Not in order to hook up, but to be kind.  That person may have had just as crappy a week as you and I, and trust me the gesture more than the alcohol will make that person’s day.  Worst case scenario is that they feel that someone thought of them.