As many know, Arizona is a bit on the hot side during the summers.  In the past I have had photoshoots that saw people near passing out on set from the heat alone.  However, during a couple months of the year (including our current month) photographing outside in AZ is an absolute dream.  Seventy degrees, light breeze, and sun, absolutely perfect photographing weather.  So when ESPN called me a few weeks back to photograph quarterback Blaine Gabbert, photographing outside was a must.

Adding to the beautiful weather was the great personality that Blaine has.  An easy going mid-western guy, he and I spent more time talking about fishing than we did photographing.  To say that he is obsessed with this past time is an understatement, as he brought his fishing rods to set and his friend (and fishing partner) Christian Ponder so that they could head to the lake straight from the photoshoot.

In all, it took very few photos to capture the images needed for the article and with the cooperation of the sun, this was one of those photoshoots that feels more like a lounge day than work.

Thank you, and good luck Blaine