One last blog before the photography related ones return.  Since this one can be lax on the rules of “photo related” allow me to get a few things off my mind.  Firstly, since when was Michael Buble allowed to sing “Georgia”?  I mean he does a great job and all, and the 007 twist to the background is a nice touch…. but let’s be honest, that song belongs to Ray.  Singing a song and understanding a song are two different worlds and our Canuck’s version only exists in one.  Did I say this blog is going to be random?  Second thought that comes to mind is that I wish people had to wear shirts that stated whether or not they appreciated the “t” in “often” being pronounced.  Not trying to make minimal the face to face conversation that seems fleeting in its existence, but I am trying to make it more direct. Hey London, stay safe. I don’t know the whole of the situation, nor do I expect to know it, but I worry some feeling of entitlement has caused it. I feel at this point my blog should carry some sort of sponsorship from a random red wine company.  Not to dis the vodka makers, but I write well with a Malbec, very well with a Cab, and unrecognizably with Absinthe. After watching Super 8, I still want the hour and a half of my life back, but worry that the mass needed to effectively travel back in time to a point before watching it is still not available.  If Schrodinger’s cat runs in to the forest, did it? (obligatory physics humor). It’s Thursday, make your weekend plans and stop reading this.