Ever had one of those vacations where you never really separated you mind from work, only to crave a return to the office?  To those that answered “yes” to this, my apologies.  This was the case of my ill-fated attempt to take a vacation from photographing and / or anything related to photography.  I wanted one month where I sat on the couch, and let my mind relax with my eyes soon following the train of calm, but no.  Perhaps my body has become hard wired to photograph, cold chills will probably ensue if I don’t get my fix soon.  Fortunately next week the circus that is life begins a new with a football campaign to feed my habit.  The amount of lighting, not to mention the new gear that Photoflex has given me will definite ease the shakes, hopefully enough for a steady 1/250th.

Emails have always been abundant for behind the scenes from shoots, and I promise that I am working on making them more available in the upcoming shoots on the calendar.


Random Physics humor of the day:  A seminar on time travel will be held two weeks ago.