I have made an effort throughout my career to keep politics out of my public life as I do not want to offend those that read my blog and have different views than I. Today I am going to depart from this, even if just slightly, for I want to say and genuine and heartfelt, “Thank You” to the women around the world that marched on Saturday.

Determination and commitment will overcome the divisiveness of our current political climate. To create a world that cherishes humankind equally, class and virtue must always be held higher than agenda and personal gain. Those that took to the streets everywhere from DC to Antarctica (who actually took to the snow as they don’t have many, if any, streets) showed us the power of unified voices amongst the masses. The females of our world just showed what a peaceful demonstration can be, and that cars don’t have to be tipped over or stores set ablaze to measure the commitment for a cause.

While some will choose to measure the march in its numbers, I will always look at it as one that makes me proud of where I live, for the women that marched have made it a better place. To ladies that marched, I look up to you for what you have done and hope the girls of our future generations will see you as the role models you are.

Thank you