Since I was young, I had passions rather than hobbies.  Now that I have grown up, nothing has changed.  With this said, I have a profound fondness of wine.

Pouring wine into a glass

I have seen in movies the romantic scripts that follow the main character as he retires at home, the beach, yacht, etc. to a glass of wine to calm the day’s last tensions and enter into the evening’s silence.  Sadly (or with much pleasure) my life often mirrors such cliches as an evening is often defined by its vintage rather than the meal that it accompanies.  I will say that sitting down with my wife to a glass of wine is one aspect of my life that I treasure the most.

Ironically I have few significant moments that I can define from the wine alone, but many significant wines that I can trace back to moments.

So with Thanksgiving tomorrow, here are my recommendations (red and white) to take you away from that one family member that showed up unannounced to the family dinner:

The red wine that I favor after a long day’s photoshoot is Caymus Cabernet (2011).  This is a very smooth Napa Valley red, that is relatively dry, yet starts and ends calm, just as one needs after a day with set designers that show up late and lighting equipment that doesn’t feel like working.

The white wine that fits any daytime meeting, resort on the beach, or salmon is Conte Fini Pinot Grigio Alto Adige (2012).  It is a dry white that starts like water only to present its flavor a small time after actually drinking it.  Pair it with an aged parm with some proscutto and you are in for a good day.