I have to admit, after writing the title for this blog, I am still in disbelief. The emotion of it falls somewhere between shaking my head and giggling with excitement.

maurice-lacroix-ambassadorWhen I wrote my first blog piece about my first watch, never did it cross my mind that someday I might be associated with the maker of it. The words were genuine appreciation for the timepiece and level of regard in which I held the brand was authentic. The watch was the Maurice Lacroix Pontos Petite Seconde, and it is and will always be my favorite watch.

Over the years, there have been many additions to my watch collection, as well as many subtractions. There have been great watches that I have owned for only weeks because once removed from the flashy environment of the watch store, they failed to inspire me. However, my Maurice Lacroix pieces will never leave. You see, watches bought for luxury or acquired persona will fade, but timepieces that mean something to their owner will not. Call it odd, but the way I judge how much a timepiece means to me is not based off  its movement, what shape it is or how many jewels it has; I judge it based on how much the day I purchased it meant to me. Every watch I have can keep time, but I buy Maurice Lacroix to celebrate the time.

Recently I was doing an interview with Maurice Lacroix and they went through a gauntlet of questions about watches, life, and photography. However, there was one question that captivated me…

“What does Maurice Lacroix mean to you?”

I can’t even remember what answer I gave during the interview, but the question has been running through my mind a lot lately, so I will attempt to answer it now. The issue is that Maurice Lacroix exists in realm beyond the easy flattering words like “perfection,” “timeless” and “excellence.” Maurice Lacroix exists in at a level where coatent similes can’t be found and where language fails me. When I pick up an ML timepiece, I don’t rattle off opinions or even try it on. I just stop and look at it and let the world around just fall away.

While I was writing that, it struck me how I can describe this…. As kids, my brother and I would bug my dad ruthlessly on the weekends to see if he would take us to the local Ferrari shop. Sometimes, he would. I can fondly remember spending hours looking at a single car. There wasn’t a chance of owning it as a kid, there wasn’t any ego or self-importance attached to it, and if given the opportunity, I wouldn’t have even have known how to drive it. I spent hours looking at the car because of one thing…. I admired it.


Watches are much the same. There are many watches I own that have historical significance to other people, the Speedmaster to the astronauts that used it on the moon, the Monaco that was used by McQueen at Le Mans. While captivating to imagine, the significance of the watch is to another person. A Maurice Lacroix timepiece is that car I spent hours looking at as a child, for it is significant to me.

It is with much pride and honor that I can announce that I have partnered with Maurice Lacroix as an ambassador to the brand. Over the last eight months I have been privileged to meet the family that is Maurice Lacroix’s US team as well as some of the Swiss team from their headquarters. Every person has been incredible, and the conversations that have been had about watches are amongst those I hold most dearest. They are watchmaker with a very bright future, and I am grateful to be apart of it.