Sitting on a plane contemplating Einstein’s postulates on light and relativity, I find myself wondering in realms of time and their application to my work.  With most of my portraits being about 8-10 feet away, I found out that by definition I am, in a sense, a historian.  After all, what I capture on my camera is not the moment, but rather the 3 billionth of a light second it took to reach my film plain.  With the collision of physics and philosophy I start to question Cartier-Bresson’s moment and it’s relevance in relativity.  Just imagine the distortion that your intended image takes on as the light from the strobes reaches your subject and then the existence of the subject itself reaches your camera, and to top it off, God forbid that it is a large print that increases it’s ideal viewing distance to your audience, it could be abstract by the time it reaches their eyes, let alone gets processed.