Finally, the time has come that I can show the first photo from this years Deadliest Catch campaign. With so much production people behind the scenes, a veritable laundry list of people are due a proper thank you for this photoshoot.


The photoshoot was actually produced in Arizona with a multi-set studio being built, one inside, and one outside.  It was a testament to our nerves of, as we had  about 10 packs and about 15 lights on a subject that saw around 50 buckets of water mixed with milk, detergent and dirt thrown on him repeatedly. Not to mention the 3 wind machines that blasted his face to the point of rawness and ear plugs.

In the end though, it all comes down to the people that helped make it happen.   From the creatives at Discovery to the studio manager that worked overtime on prep days, the producers that made trips to Dunkin Donuts for my favorite breakfast, all of my assistants and grips that staggered lunches so that the set could be prepped properly, my stylists that nailed every aspect we needed and the talent that carried our vision to the camera.  This is your campaign guys