A couple weeks back a call came in from the New York Times with the request to photograph Deepak Chopra.  In the past I had photographed political figures for them, the last being Sandra Day O’ Conner, but I welcomed the change.  Unfortunately, I had no clue who Deepak Chopra was, but had rather just heard his name before.  A Wikipedia background check and Google image search later, and I was ready to head out to Sedona, Arizona for an afternoon with the Love Guru.

My assistants and I all enjoyed the beautiful drive, taking turns to snap a camera phone pic or two, but after that, it was business as usual.  I was a little taken back by my miscalculations of Deepak’s personality, as I was expecting a very talkative excitable person (think Tony Robbins), but in fact Mr. Chopra was very reserved and soft spoken.  He is a man that really takes in a question before giving an answer, and it was obvious he is well read and very cultured.  My only regret is that I didn’t get to chat with him much after the photograph.