This job has given me many opportunities for which I find myself unable to be grateful enough.  One such opportunity that came my way last year after we had wrapped on the ASU 2009 campaign.  We had the stadium closed down a football and a kicking tee.  Thomas Weber (ASU’s star kicker) gave me lessons on how to kick a field goal, and in the final hours of the day I took three attempts.  If you have read this post, you will know that all I managed to do was pull my groin muscle while failing miserably.

Redemption was needed…

This year started much the same, but we wrapped a bit later than the last.  Weber, one of the cooler people I have met at a photoshoot, stayed around again with lessons and this time even gave me his shoes (when it comes to athletes being easy going, he is as cool as they come).  Lining up after stretching, I took my first shot and failed miserably at the kick, but succeeded in not pulling my groin.  Some adjustments to my form and a realignment to my stance, success would not escape me this year.  Documented by my assistant Mike (so my wife would believe me), I summoned all my athletic ability (that I don’t have) to take on this mundane task by many’s standards.


Thank you Weber