When it rains it pours … at least with the kid campaigns. In today’s blog, a recent campaign I photographed for the Girl Scouts.  The idea behind it was a separation from the thought that the Girl Scouts were strictly a cookie delivery service, but rather young women and future leaders.  From the beginning we knew that we were going to have a great shoot when we put out a local casting announcement and received 1,900 responses.  Selecting the final four subjects was tough, but going into the shoot, I was confident that these girls would make great representatives for the campaign and their community.

Shooting was simple.  It was not a set based off crazy lighting themes or over the top action or emotion, it was based off showing the girls and their personalities.

(a side note: not one box of Girl Scout cookies showed up on set, or at my door…… Shawn, if you’re reading this, I heart Thin Mints and those peanut butter chocolate cookies)

photographed by Blair Bunting

The Girl Scouts

Girl Scout

Girl Scouts