By now I doubt there isn’t a photographer that hasn’t seen the new offerings from Nikon, the J1 and V1.  What’s interesting is the reception the new cameras have received.  Complaints from, “the sensors too small”, “the lenses are too slow,” to “it’s not enough like the Sony.”  So allow me to offer my input on this matter….

What are you really buying this camera for?  People are angered about the camera and making arguments that it should be a D3 in a smaller form factor.  While I agree that the Nikon D3 in a small frame would be great, let’s get things straight…. You are not buying the Nikon 1 as a workhorse, and if you are, I would suggesting looking elsewhere.  The Nikon 1 fills the spots that the P7000 and G12 had in me.  It is a camera that I will take on vacation (with a pancake lens) that can rest comfortably in the center console of a rental car and snap pics of random places on the side of the road.

Ask me my opinion of this type of camera 7 years ago and I would have spouted off how the sensor wasn’t big enough and the crop factor was rough, yadda yadda yadda…  I was like many of the Nikon 1 reviewers, so blinded by numbers that I couldn’t see art if I stood in front of it.

At the end of the day the Nikon 1 is more of a vacation than a camera. For me, taking a D3x on vacation isn’t a vacation, it’s work in another local that I’m not getting paid for.  However, take a Nikon 1 on vacation and it is fun, non-serious photography that I can relax during.  This has never been more apparent than when I was in Dutch Harbor on one of the Deadliest Catch jobs.  On set I shot the D3, but when we wrapped it went in the case and out came the G10 for “fun shots”.  Ironically we walked into one of the more beautiful locations I have seen (on top of Mount Ballyhoo), and I didn’t think, “damn, I wish I had my D3”, I thought “this is the type of situation that created my passion for photography.”  It wasn’t work, it was true creation, it was documenting my journey through life, it was religion, it was photography.

A couple of the pics I created that day with a camera that doesn’t measure up to anyone’s expectations……

Dutch Harbor

Nikon 1

Dutch Harbor Sunrise