Over the past year I found myself photographing nearly every week, many times with the same crew of great people helping and the subject and client were usually the only variables.  It worked and still works great sans one big thing….  Other than the imagery that comes out of the photo, not much else is seen….. the behind the scenes, the lighting, the ideas behind the project, nada.

Let me just say that I am in this position due to people that have given me help and advice that I do not in any way deserve.  So why should I do this journey alone, when an opportunity presents itself to help others learn?

The lighting company Photoflex gave me this opportunity with a new partnership that we entered into at the beginning of this year.  It enables me to help them with developing products that I think might suit photographers like myself, but more importantly, it gives me the outlet to help teach others lighting tricks that I have found while photographing.

The first of the many lessons to come is a bit rough around the edges.  I photographed it the day after my Grandfather’s passing, so to say I wasn’t all there is an understatement, and for that I apologize.  However, I believe the thought process and lighting ideas behind it are sound

in short……

I present to you, “Using a X-Small Octa to replace a RingFlash

get this pic


using this.