For those of you that have followed this blog for a while, you might remember a while back when I used to take my Nikon D3 and walk around my neighborhood at midnight taking pictures.  As a professional photographer, I don’t commonly photograph to relax, nor do I take a camera with me on vacations. However, the idea of walking around in a world lit only by the moon and using it’s glow to light images is therapeutic to me.  No tripods, no gear bags, just starlight and a prime lens

Before the Nikon D3, this wasn’t much of an option, but the sensor to noise ratio in the body have brought all new meaning to available darkness.  With the D700, the quality remains, but the portability is greatly increased.  Perhaps the good guys at Nikon could send over a D3s for me to photo around and I will report on what the next level of low light quality is   😉