I was fortunate enough to spend last week with my wife and some friends cruising the Caribbean.  Both BlackBerries turned off, no laptop, and no camera.  This was a trip I needed.  Scenically impressive, mentally relaxing, artistically inspiring, and creatively choked.  I had spent the week before departure wrapping up projects, photographing another and trying to get an iPhone 4 from AT&T.  In a serendipatious (if you’ve seen Serendipity, you know this reference) circumstance I left Scottsdale without an iPhone. Putting to an end my last ditch effort to enable any image creating, as I had thought of it as a loophole in my “no cameras” promise to my wife.

Sitting on the balcony of our cabin listening to the ocean crash below, fighting Han Zimmer for my ear, I know this was a fate written by a much higher power than myself.  The ocean’s profound beauty goes on everyday, performing to a relatively absent audience, and here I sit, a painter without his brush.  So consumed with creating art, only to be ignorant to the art that was given.  Take some time to watch life, it might just astonish you.