First off, let me apologize for the time since my last blog…  I wish I could say that I spent it sitting on the couch putting forth all efforts to complete Gran Turismo 5, but the truth of the matter is I had work to do, and combined with the holiday obligations the blog and my Twitter got neglected.  There is plenty of stuff to post about and I promise that it will surface in future.

In the meantime, I figured I would post some pics that I photographed a while back when it was warmer.  Perhaps warm is an understatement, it was more like hell on Earth combined with politics (or are those the same thing?).  I was asked by my friend Ashley if I would help her photograph a quick campaign for a girl’s rugby team.  I was a bit hesitant until I saw the copy that she and her friends at Y&R SF had produced.  So with a lot of water, some umbrellas (for shade, not lighting), and a large Photoflex reflector we headed out to the side of a mountain in 115 degree heat.  We photographed for 30 minutes, which was just long enough to cause only minor health issues.  As always, my Nikon D3x came though for me, however at the end of the photoshoot I could barely hold it to my eye as the metal burned when it touched my skin.

The photos and the copy turned out beautifully and have been featured on Ads of the World, please feel free to have a look.