As many of you know, I am an Apple freak. From the computers, to the iPad, to the iPhone, to the iWhatever, I am a what you would call, “fanboy”.  However, the does not presuppose that I am narrow minded in my views of other products or companies.  In a nutshell, I appreciate Apple as light, and supports the shadows that form it.

With my love of the iPhone 4s, being well known, I felt to would be fun to broaden my horizons in the phone world. After all, who am I to say the iPhone is the way to go if I have never walked in another man’s shoes?  So with that I saw my opportunity to hop over to the other side with the recent release of the Nexus 4, an Android phone from Google.  I picked up a couple and decided that my travels over the next couple months would be documented with them and I could form an overall impression of where they stand in likes of Apple, especially when it comes to cameras. Along with the phones, I also grabbed the Nexus 7 tablet with the idea of testing how it travels for shoots compared to the iPad.

This is not a defection from a company but rather an inquisition to clear my mind on what it is I respect about Apple, and what I will like on the Nexus 4.

So stay tuned to the blog, my Twitter, or Facebook page over the next couple months to see what we might be missing when we say that one device is better than everything else.

PS: A little tidbit on the Nexus so far…. after 20 minutes, I have discovered that this thing is an HD monster.