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The Art Behind the Infrastructure

Sparks burst and dissipate in the darkness of an open space. The cacophony of metal combined with heat cracks the air in sharp staccato, leaving all senses transfixed on the sight and sound of a…

Football Quarterback

Photographing Football Players

Photographing football campaigns in one of the most aggressive and intense types of commercial photography there is. While some photoshoots will have a sushi chef for craft services, football sets…

Sports Photographer

Photographing Sports as Art

Much to the surprise of many, photographing athletes doesn’t always mean you are a sports photographer. Truthfully, I don’t know much about sports at all. My photography of athletes is best captured…

E-Bikes for Photographers

Away from the world, the city, and the light pollution, I stood in a green forest where the breeze couldn’t even penetrate the trees surrounding me. It was an area that only existed to me in…

Phoenix Commercial Photographer

For the Love of Music

Of all the arts available to mankind, my heart belongs to music. Perhaps it’s a sentiment that doesn’t serve my self-interest much, as my only achievements in the arts have come through photography.…

Thunderbirds F16

Flying with the Thunderbirds

To all those who have ever wondered.... what is it like waking up in the morning, knowing you are going to fly with the Thunderbirds? It is SCARY AS HELL!