This job has been a door that continually opens to opportunities that I don’t deserve, but will always be grateful for. One such opportunity presented itself when I showed interest in Movember.

I was talking with the marketing team at Maurice Lacroix, and they told me that they were thinking of partnering with Movember this year, and if they did, wondered if I had interest in photographing the CEO of Movember, Adam Garone.


… Now this is a situation that scares me sometimes. You see, Adam is, by all research I had done, a cool guy that down to his core is a damn good person. I often worry about this because photoshoots often show me the real person that is my subject and sometimes they are product of great PR, and not so much character. However, I can proudly say that Adam is the real deal, a legit guy that everyone should have a beer with… especially the thousands of men who’s lives have benefited by his cause, Movember.

Beyond the photoshoot, he and I did video interviews (of which you will see soon) to talk about both Maurice Lacroix watches and what Movember meant to us. On camera we kept things serious, but I have to admit, there are more outtakes of us laughing and joking than there is usable footage from the interviews. This probably should not come as a surprise though, for watching the first couple minutes of his Ted Talk will show you that his company began when he and his friends had too many beers.

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Nonetheless, he is the example of someone that had talent, an idea and a beer, and with that made the world better.

: Public Service Announcement :

Go sign up for my Movember team at and help us raise awareness for men’s health!