By the looks of my website one would make the assumption that my photography of large muscular athletes is a pigeonhole that I live in, but in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Though the athletes and celebrities make for great conversations at dinner, some of the most fulfilling work I do centers around charities, children’s charities in particular.  Although, I personally am not ready for kids, I have found them easy to photograph. It is for that reason that I have decided to add the “little people” gallery to my portfolio. With campaigns ranging from Disney to the Girl Scouts, to the United Cerebral Palsy campaign, the images capture a time when we all enjoyed life, when the most pressing issue was whether your peanut butter and jelly sandwich had enough jelly.

The first set of images come from a Disney campaign I shot at a firefighter museum known as the Hall of Flame.  The shots were to be lifestyle in nature which isn’t particularly tough with adults, on a small set.  However, turn kids loose in a large firefighter museum and you can see where this is going….  Our best efforts of corralling the kids to be near the camera seemed futile, but I had some great assistants that were quick on their feet and quick with the lights.  In the end the photoshoot produced some really beautiful imagery that covered the gamut from humor to beauty.  If you follow me on Twitter (@BlairBunting), you know that firefighters are some of my most respected people, and it seemed only appropriate that this blog come out when it did.  Please enjoy the shots, and have a look at the new gallery “little people” at

Mother and Daughter

Firefighter and Truck

Little Fireman

Disney Children at Firehouse

Kid with Firetruck