Today’s my birthday. Yes, yet another year on the Earth.  Popular culture says that I should revel in the idea of keeping my body alive for another revolution around the sun.  I prefer the method of measuring one’s existence in relevancy to the greater picture of life, and in that view, it was a good year.  So let me present to you my review of this year.

This year I took some good pictures (but way too many of them were of baseball players). I went through 5 more phones (but still use my Blackberry that I used at the beginning of the year). I found my affinity for Malbec is still strong. I still don’t like Coldplay and I am embarrassed to think of how much I listened to Ke$ha. I saw 9 countries and wrote a blog in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I survived my first naming ceremony (425th, your blog is coming soon). I collected 9 more watches (although my newest is currently delayed by a hurricane).  I didn’t throw up, but I also didn’t grow up. I spent 46 hours of 1 month in the air. I developed a slight enjoyment for tea. I lost my Grandfather. I gave up on politics, but haven’t we all. I went through three Xbox’s and two PS3’s. None of these compare to the final… I was a good husband to my wife and a good father to my dog.

So in retrospect, it was a good year (a lot better than the 2008-2009 year)