I must admit that for some reason the song “Friday I’m in Love” is one that I have to listen to every time it’s on.  I was once shooting a piece in the middle of nowhere Texas and had to drive for 4 hours by myself in my rental Buick land barge.  To top things off, it was the day that a new pro DSLR was announced and I didn’t have the internet on my phone. I had to call my assistant who proceeded to sit on the phone for an hour reading me every spec about the camera. It was in the midst of a 6 month period where I was shooting Medium Format digital backs and I was miserable on set, not to mention annoyed with the coin I had dropped in the hunt for resolution that came with so many drawbacks.  Anyhow, with the call over and 3 more hours of the dry Texas landscape to entertain me I turned on the radio, and on came the song. It was a moment I won’t forget, I knew that the medium format would soon be behind me and that I could return to the DSLR’s that I shot the best with, I was truly happy.

So a little call to action for those of you that read this in the morning or afternoon… You’re probably going to go out tonight, and for those of you over 21, you might go out to a bar. Perhaps you are with someone, or perhaps you are single, but for this little exercise, that doesn’t matter.  Find someone that looks like they have had a hard week…. maybe they are by themselves, maybe their body language reads like an open book. Buy this person a drink anonymously, something standard, a beer, a wine, no shots.  That’s it.

Don’t do it to try and get their number, or to make yourself look cool, do it to genuinely make their day better. In all reality you will never know what happened to that person that day, but you will know one thing… The moment they got that drink, they felt a little more important, a little better than they had before…. and that’s all that matters.