I recently photographed Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura for Chicago Magazine. A straight forward set, it was one where all the equipment functioned properly, all lighting was planned, and the subject was as nice and removed from ego as they get. In all reality it probably makes for a bit of a boring blog, which is ironic that a downside exists when things just go right.

As with all athletes, I never like to chat about sports unless they really want to. This is for two reasons:

1: They need to get a mental break from their jobs and often will remember the guy that let them go a day without recounting the same old sports play over and over again.

2: I am completely ignorant of anything sports and would last all of 23 seconds before making an idiot of myself in a sports conversation.

As it turns out, Robin and I quickly found a common ground, we both love Kauai. Funny enough, this made him the third celebrity that has sat down and shared stories about that beautiful island. From naming the roads to get to hidden beaches to talking about the places where the locals eat, he was legit.