There are camera reviews, and then there are camera reviews… today’s blog post is about the latter.

It seems that all too often we see camera reviews by writers that haven’t actually seen the camera they are critiquing and merely regurgitating spec sheets provided by manufactures without understanding the essence of the platform itself. Even worse are when said writers eat up the hype without understanding the application and they wind up saying that camera A is better than camera B because one has 30 megapixels and the other has 32 megapixels. In commercial photography, 30 and 32 are the same thing and to argue that a benefit exists is to argue that a BMW is better than an Audi because it can do .05 more G’s in a turn.

When my friend Jaron called me and said that he wanted to do a new type of camera review, I was intrigued, but skeptical. He said it would be humorous, sparking memories of when Lee reviewed the Nikon Df. However, he also told me that it would be real and honest. You can imagine my surprise when he sent me a link to the first review and it was 14 minutes…

Upon watching it, I found myself stunned that someone could capture the train of thought that goes through my mind when someone hands me a camera and asks my opinion. The blunt honesty is in effect what created the humor and 14 minutes later I felt like I had read a book about what I needed to know about the camera.

If you want to know what I mean, head over to Jaron’s new YouTube channel, Broader Focus, and check out the craziness.


DSLR Camera Review