One of life’s many achievements along with getting married, having kids, graduating from school, getting a job, is getting your name on Twitter.  Until a few days ago I was in the lowly doldrums of @BLAIR_BUNTING, having to capitalize all letters in hope that I would still be accepted into the rough crowd that is Twitter.  My situation all due to a teenage girl in Carolina somewhere that was more Twitter savvy that I and got the handle @BlairBunting.  Riddled with agony over my social media sluggishness I would often sit out at pasture proposing quandaries if it was still worth it to go on as “Blair Bunting” or if I should pursue a name change like that football player (whose name escapes me).

A random side note about me that should make for a laugh, I was “Blair” either way from my parent’s point of view.  If I was a girl, they were simply going to add an “e” to the end.

Anyway, back to my Twitterlima.  A few months back I decided I would approach this girl with an offer for my Twitter name, doesn’t everyone want to spend a bunch of money for a social media place holder that will likely be obsolete someday?  Sidetracked with work actually sending said offer finally happened Friday last week while I was waiting for my Starbucks.  Immediately after pressing send on my Blackberry, I got the oh so fateful message….. “Twitter user does not exist.”… EPIC.  In a hurry to get to the nearest computer I grabbed someone elses drink (btw, who gets that many shots in a freakin latte?!?! I just came down from the high this morning) and sped home to procure said name.

So with that I present to you my new and permanent Twitter handle………