Over the past few years I have had friends, assistants, hipsters, Genius Bartenders, and Bauristas proclaim the importance of Twitter.  Fight it as I did, there is a point where resistance is futile, and that point was about 5 months ago.  In today’s modern society, people want to know what one another feel on current topics, what they eat, and how their morning shower was (although I don’t believe I have posted about that yet, not to mention I prefer evening showers as I go to bed more relaxed and often take the opportunity to brush my teeth to speed up the time from beginning of shower to getting under the sheets….. but I digress).

So with that, I decided that I would start making my (anything but normal) life available for public scrutiny on the Twitter (yeah, I meant to say “the Twitter”).  How else better to promote this semi-new social network identity than to have a little bit of a gear giveaway?

Along with one of my sponsors, Photoflex, makers of the new Triton flash system, I am offering one of my favorite and most used light modifiers, the small OctaDome.  Whether I use it on set to replace a beauty dish for fill, or as a key altogether, this thing gets it done.

“Wow”, you say, “hmm that is some sweeeeet shwag Blair….. how do I win?”

Easy….. go to     Twitter.com/Blair_Bunting and follow me before May 18th (if you are already following me, you’re good).  On the 18th we will randomly select a winner and send him or her a free OctaDome, courtesy of Photoflex