The week has been a bit on the busy / overwhelming side of things, so let me apologize that there is not a formal blog post today. Aside from photographing and prepro meetings for other photoshoots I have been trying to plan a personal project as I believe the last time I did one of those the hipster movement was still in it’s infancy.

On the personal side of things I am still obsessed with video games, so yesterday’s announcement that all of the Playstation user’s info had been stolen only further secured that I am done with that system. This coming after I bought that system only for Gran Turismo 5 and it disappointed in comparison to Forza 3 (a game that took 4 years less time to create).

On the photo side of things, it is good to see Nikon announce a new 50mm, and I am interested to see how it performs. I have a couple copies of the most recent 50 G, as well as the older D, and have to say that this is one area Nikon could use some help. When I am photographing for work I find that the 24-70 G is on my D3x 99% of the time. This coming from someone who prefers using primes. I was excited to see the 1.4 box series, but when I contacted Nikon about picking one up all I got was a form reply, “check your local retailer.” Where’s the love Nikon?

And finally, I am setting up a contest to start this Friday that will be based around Twitter, probably one of those shameless “follow me” type of things. If you are already following me, you’re good and entered, if not, what gives? Nonetheless, I will probably give away some new lighting gear, so check back in on that.

There’s your non-specific update, have a great Wednesday and my wine suggestion for tonight is Cupcake (you can find it at Costco… along with pretty much everything else)