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Unexpected GOLD

A photographer is to a creative director, as a camera is to a photographer. It is for this reason that the events that took place, culminating in a Gold ADDY still baffle me.   The client was a high…

2018 Addy Gold Winner

2018 ADDY Awards

Client: IO Last Thursday brought a moment to my life that I had yet to experience in this career. I was lying at home in bed taking care of my daughter who had her first cold. Around 8pm, my…

Basketball Advertising Campaign

Mixed Resolutions

With the college basketball season nearing an end, I figured I would post the campaign we photographed this year for my alma matre ASU. To say life has been a bit hectic is an understatement of…

Stockland Martel


This industry is and will always be a collective of the personalities within it. For three decades, one of the most unique and respected within photography wasn’t a photographer, but a rep, Bill…

Surface Book 2

The Surface BEAST

Over the last year I have been slowly migrating from Apple to Windows, and to be honest breaking out of the walled gardens that I lived within (some known, some unknown) has not been easy, but it has…

Thunderbirds F16

Flying with the Thunderbirds

To all those who have ever wondered.... what is it like waking up in the morning, knowing you are going to fly with the Thunderbirds? It is SCARY AS HELL!